Antonino De Francesco

Antonino De Francesco (1954) is Professor of Early Modern history. He taught at the universities of Catania (1989-1993), Padua (1993-1994) and Basilicata (1994-2001), serving then in Milan. Since 2016 he is Head of the Department of Historical Studies. He was professeur invité at EHESS and Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne, resident in the Institute for Advanced Studies in Paris, Joan Nordell Visiting researcher at Houghton Library (Harvard University), fellow at Princeton library and William Reese fellow at the Clements library, University of Michigan. He sits on the Editorial Board of “La Révolution Française”, “Ricerche di storia politica”, “Mediterranea” and “Il Risorgimento”.

His research interests focus on the Age of Revolutions and fall into three main strands: political history (with special attention for the birth of modern political practices), Italian political culture (he is the editor of Vincenzo Cuoco’s works), and historiography. Currently, he is working, in French, on a book on the historiography of the French Revolution and he has a research project on the rediscovery of pre-classical antiquity in Mediterranean Europe during the 19th century.